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 Google’s Matt Cutts explains the top SEO strategies for this year:


Search Engine Optimization is an important and cost-effective way to drive leisure travelers or meeting planners to your website.

At Hotel SEO Marketing, we will analyze your web analytics to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current paid and organic traffic.

Hotel Seo Marketing

Organic Marketing for Hotels

We look at all major data such as Keyword Effectivenss Index, (KEI), bounce rate, conversion rate and revenue per keyword. However, we also combine it with more detailed analysis like time-on-site and other engagement factors.

When looking at a SEO marketing program for your hotel, it’s important to strategically plan traffic during your shoulder and off-season.

Competitive terms with millions of results may need  an additional link-building to ensure your hotel will rank as high as possible for your SEO keywords. Based on our experience, we will recommend improvements to your site and copy.